על חכות ודגים – Of Rods and Fishes

“Give a man a fish and he will eat, Teach him to fish and he shall never be hungry”

we’ll start with you not correcting my use of fishes before you check the dictionary.

After a meeting with a kind but ultimately un-helpful friend of a friend who tested my belonging to the in crowd by throwing the fish and rod allegory and testing my reaction I have given the allegory a bit of thought and decided to develop it some…

  1. After years of over-use, there are too many rods and not enough fishes.
  2. The only reason you are willing to teach the poor to fish and gives them rods is because you know that to really succeed you need a big net and a fishing trawler.
  3. All the big fish have already been caught.
  4. the next step is to teach them to share the rod.
  5. After that they can buy a boat together
  6. After that they can overthrow STARKIST TUNA but not before they are smeared for killing dolphins and illegal fishing.
  7. Goldfish are more photogenic.

and then I found this blog about the rod and fish and well, check it out.


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